First Article Inspection per AS 9102 - Forms
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In general, the international Aerospace Standard AS 9102 defines the requirements for First Article Inspection at FACC's sub-tier suppliers and their subcontractors. Link to the website of SAE:

"The FAI tutorial is a PowerPoint file and should be opened and viewed in Slide Show mode for optimum viewing of the forms usage Instructions."

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AS 9102 Rev.B Form1Part Number.pdf 13.37 KB 03.05.2017
AS 9102 Rev.B Form2 Product.pdf 10.96 KB 03.05.2017
AS 9102 Rev.B Form3 Characteristic.pdf 12.23 KB 03.05.2017
FAI_Training_Tutorial.ppt 3.18 MB 21.11.2012

Non-Conformance Documentation per AS9131
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In case of any non-conforming material or part, which (for what ever reason) shall be sent to FACC, then prior to delivery a 'concession' must be provided to FACC for approval. The international aerospace standard AS 9131 shall be used unless otherwise defined in a quality plan accepted by FACC.

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Concession Form AS9131.wrd 518.50 KB 30.09.2010

First Article Inspection per AERO-ALL-QU-ALL-046
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Please follow instructions in AERO-ALL-QU-ALL-046 if requirement is called out on FACC Purchase order.

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First Article Inspection.pdf 47.80 KB 12.12.2007
Checklist Terminology & Requirements.pdf 149.75 KB 12.12.2007
First Article Pack Requirem. Checklist.pdf 15.08 KB 12.12.2007
Training First Article Inspection.pdf 1.56 MB 12.12.2007
First Article Forms.wrd 299.00 KB 12.12.2007

Kontaktformular / Forms for Contact
Bitte füllen Sie dieses Formular aus, wenn Sie - als unser Lieferant - die Vorteile der papierlosen Datenübermittlung nutzen wollen. Näheres zum Thema "Optimerte Datenübermittlung" erfahren Sie unter dem Menüpunkt "Dokumentationen".

Please fill out this form, if you want - as our supplier - to use the advantages of the paperless data communication. More detailed information on this topic you can find under "documentations".

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Contact_form.wrd 197.00 KB 02.11.2011
Kontaktformular.wrd 192.00 KB 02.11.2011